AOL is growing day by day after updating its features but people are still facing some technical issues. In the case of the majority, users found a problem while using AOL on the iPhone. It is possible that this trouble can be settled, but it is not as easy as you think to resolve. We can help you in recovering this issue in a few minutes. Make sure you have an updated version on your iPhone. Let’s work out on the issue regarding AOL mail is not working in iPhone.

Major aspects to solve the issue when AOL mail not working on iPhone

  • Airplane mode is considered best: It is possible that AOL mail may not work due to network issues. In this case, the user may toggle on the airplane mode for some time and then switch to off mode again. Look for the internet and network again to resolve this issue. To turn on airplane mode, you need to move to settings option from home screen > slide the bar on the side of the airplane mode section > after few minutes make it off again.
  • Reset your network settings thereof: You can just eliminate your network settings to get back your fresh AOL account. To justify this trouble you need to Visit your settings section > scroll unless you see the general field. Hit on it to switch to access options > Move down to the particular screen and press the “reset” option > feel free to tap on “reset network settings” and then make the confirmation.
  • Get back your AOL account by removing it for a while: Some Trojan or malware might be disturbing your AOL mail on iPhone. In this situation, you can delete your account and again login with a fresh mind after few hours. This may help you in gaining your account once more. To remove the AOL mail you need to open the settings field > after that visit the password and security section > Scroll down to view your AOL account > you may see the option stating to delete the account > press on it.
  • Enjoy the two step-verification authentications: You need to cover the account security page in your iPhone and then hit on manage and ensure that 2 step verification toggle is on. Pick up the “connect apps” option and frame the iOS mail application and further choose your iOS device as well. Now, create a new and strict password. Heading next, collect your password and jump to AOL account mail screen > link up the coped password on the screen as your AOL password.
  • Meet the experts directly: On the off chance, if you fail to set up your AOL mail on iPhone then directly get in touch with AOL experts by calling them on the AOL support number. Keep your query ready before making the calling and then quickly grab the result from them in a few minutes.

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