AOL mail is one of the best web-based email service provided by AOL. By this webmail, you can directly check and send the emails on a browser, in this way so many users feel more comfortable with a mail client. There are millions of users are using the AOL account. AOL provides so many facilities to the users and so many security options are also available. Every user needs to AOL SMTP setting for using the AOL account to deliver the messages.

Here are few guidelines of setup AOL SMTP server are given below. Users should adopt these steps carefully and get their setting of AOL SMTP:

  • The open panel of your client configuration.
  • After that some details of AOL SMTP are shown on your screen i.e. AOL SMTP username, server Address, password, Authentication, sending limits, port number, etc. Enter all the following details.

That’s all. Now you are able to send outgoing email through your AOL mail account. In other words, the software of the newsletter is not the best choice of using the AOL SMTP server to send out a mass email. Actually AOL fixes some limit on the number of people to whom you can send the same email.

How to decide which protocol to use for AOL SMTP setup

There are two types of the protocol is used i.e. POP or IMAP. Before using this protocol first you should understand that. How to work protocol with the AOL SMTP setup. If users do not know about protocol even they nothing know how does it work. In this situation, they no need to worry about that because here all things are given you can learn with the help of this. The protocol is nothing but it works like a mediator between your account and app. Protocol (POP or IMAP) is used to communicate between the AOL mail account and the third-party app. Help to download a copy of your email from the AOL account, this is the function of POP. In case your email is deleted accidentally, don’t worry. The facility of backup is there in your app. POP will only download emails from your inbox and not to your personal folder. This appears on the IMAP. The work of IMAP is the same as a POP. It continuously syncs the app and account too. Whenever you do anything in the messages or folder they keep the information in both places identical.

Consider before setup AOL SMTP

Users should think to consider before the AOL SMTP setup. Some points are illustrated below, users must keep in mind these points:

  • AOL suggests that the user should be use IMAP in their email clients.
  • Users can’t use the report SPAM button from another email app. First, move it to the spam of the email client folder and then remove for the report an email as spam.
  • Users can check the status of sent messages from the AOL mail interface but like that you cannot check the status of a sent message for that.
  • Users cannot use the SMTP server of AOL to send the mass email. The limitation of AOL is 500 emails per day.

If any points are not clear from the above instruction don’t fret, just contact with customer support. Users can get in touch with customer support from any issues regarding the AOL SMTP server. Contact number is everywhere, you get customer support contact number from any search engine. The number is authorized by the company. Contact number is more beneficial because in this way your time becomes short and gets a better solution on multiple queries. When you call on that number AOL support will pick your call and ask your problem. They always try to make satisfied to the users. Without satisfaction, support will never put your call. The contact number is available all the time. Whenever you feel a need for help you should make an instant call on that number. They all are highly experts and have years of experience.

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