Bellsouth is a recognized email service that is now a subsidiary of the AT&T company. The AT&T customer obtains the Bellsouth as part of the AT&T Internet package. To log in to the Bellsouth account, users must log in through the Bellsouth webmail website. Due to some incredible features such as spam filtering and unmatched security, many users keep their Bellsouth account.

How to go to IMAP settings with iPhone and Apple ID account? Here are the ways:

Most customers know the various settings and services in the different types of email account. And in this article, we have brought a very special webmail service: helps to share and receive information from other customers simply and quickly.

IMAP configuration setting of on an iPhone:

Managing your configuration with IMAP or SMTP can be difficult but not impossible. is quite convenient to use on an iPhone device due to its customer-friendly service. However, if the user faces some challenges when sending or receiving emails, the user must go to the IMAP and SMTP mail server settings that solve this problem instantly.

Check out the steps for IMAP setup on an iPhone with

Step 1: First, Bellsouth users need to turn on their iPhone device and go to settings.

Step 2: Tap the account apps and enter the username or password of Bellsouth email.

Step 3: Move to the account settings and select IMAP or POP mail server protocols.

Step 4: Enter the correct Bellsouth username and select the hostname of the server to place in the required field.

Step 5: Select port number 993 and go to the Authentication tab to enter the Bellsouth account password.

Step 6: Select the Ok button for the SSL or TLS mail server setting and click on the Done button.

The same instructions or methods that Bellsouth users can apply with the SMTP mail server if Bellsouth users have an outgoing problem with their account. IMAP configuration on an Apple ID: could be used with Apple ID in terms of sharing and receiving data easily using the user’s laptop or mobile device.

Here are the steps for configuring IMAP settings on an Apple ID with

Step 1: First, go to the Apple ID and enter the Bellsouth username and password.

Step 2: Now move to the configuration button and select IMAP or POP mail server settings.

Step 3: In the next steps, enter the Bellsouth username/email id and host server name and then move to the next option.

Step 4: Select the Bellsouth IMAP port number 993 and select the SSL/TLS IMAP security button.

Step 5: Enter the Bellsouth username/email id and password and proceed to the next step.

Step 6: In this step, Users need to choose the SSL mail server button to synchronize the mail, contact and calendar button.

Step 7: Once the task is completed, click on the done button.

For more help and information related to the Bellsouth account, don’t forget to contact the Bellsouth customer support team that is available at any time.

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