Google Account – it is the account that is created by the user in order to access certain Google services such as Google +, Google Hangout and Blogger however the other services as search browsers, youtube, Google books, maps can be used otherwise as well. Google has its headquarter located at Mountain View, California and its official website is

Google has made the world a better place to live, communicate and experience. Google has become part and parcel of our life if in the case while using the services one comes across any concern it feels like life has come to a halt

Google Account Recovery – yes it has become imperative that account should be working properly, as we tend to forget the password there is nothing to worry or even the email the same can be taken care in the following way

Forgot the password – in order to recover one has to start taking the steps as follow

  • One has to be on the Login page, in the required field the username and password, enter the username and then click on forgot password
  • Among the available options select how you want to recover the password

Ø Through security questions

Ø With the help of phone number

Ø Through email id

Answering security questions – one will have to answer the security questions which were selected by him or her at the time of setting of the account if one does not remember the answers, in that case, can opt of recovering the account through other means

  • After answering the questions
  • You will get the option to set the new password and re-enter the same for the conformation and click on save changes

With the help of phone number – by selecting this option one will get the code on the recovery phone number, this is the number which was while setting of the code

  • Once the code has been click on the summit
  • On this page enter the password and rewrite the same for the conformation
  • Click on save the change

Through email id – in this email id the recovery link will go on the alternative email which was registered at the time of making the account

  • One will be required to click on the link which is received on the alternate email
  • It will take the individual on the page where one can make changes as entering the password and re-entering the same then click on save
  • By taking the steps mentioned above one will be able to recover the Google account

In case of any baffling situation, one look for help for any technical issues and contact helpline number any time

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