Landing on the same feature, the HP printer realizes it’s worth use, every time a person utilizes it. The important part HP printer plays is the printing quality as well as the number of pages it carries to print at a time. We all know a machine can only work for a time when it’s working ability stops responding. HP printer follows the same procedure. Several recommendations are applied to give a new look for an error based printer, but only one simple easiest solution is comfortable for it.

In some situations, HP Printer does not print even after properly refilling. In such a case, you can go through the upcoming solution.

  • You are allowed to use the original cartridge only. It might happen when your printer does carry a non-HP ink or toner. In case you not able to buy the ink or toner then just simply grab it from the HP store online along with the model number.
  • Quietly and safely remove the protective tape and try not to remove another label as it may harm to dry to ink.
  • Once you are done with the refilling then kindly reset the printer. Don’t forget to turn off the power for 1 minute and then instantly on it after the time ends.
  • The user is not permitted to keep the cartridge outside for more than 30 minutes as it may get damaged with dust.
  • Keep a duly cleanliness of the cartridge only with the distilled water. Do not wash it with tap water and also make it dry it soft cotton cloth.
  • Now end this by safely fixing all the parts back completely.

Well, this was quite interesting but hectic too. Make a careful decision before managing the entire process because if a cartridge fails to work then the entire printer is useful for that time. Point out every single mistake in the printer and safely clean them to re-fix it in a proper manner.

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