Yahoo- it is an American web service, it has a search engine and provides related services like Yahoo Directory, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo groups and so forth services. Yahoo has its headquarter located at Sunnyvale California.

Yahoo Mail – is the mail which is used globally which indeed helps us to exchange message. Yahoo provides four different plans to make it more easy for communication as Basic, Plus, and Ad-Free at the personal and one for commercial use as we all know security is our major concern hence to be reset assured it is password protected.

How to recover yahoo mail account- it is the human tendency that if we do not do certain things on the regular basis we tend to forget the same, similarly if one has not accessed the account for the long it becomes difficult to recover the same, for assistance one can try to recover the account as follows

  • Initially one has to be on the login page
  • Enter the email address and click continue
  • One will be required to check the email address or phone number as the details will be partially delayed and then click on Yes, send me a verification code
  • For verifying the number one will be required to enter some missing numbers in order to confirm the number belongs to the individual and click on the summit
  • One will be required to enter the code received in the text message then go on the page and enter the same, now in the given field can enter the password and retype the same
  • If one has opted for the email option, then open the alternate email look for the email received from Yahoo, if the same is not in the email, please look in the spam or junk
  • Enter the code and click submit
  • Now in the given fields please type in the same password and click continue

By taking the steps mentioned above one will be able to retrieve yahoo account only if one has access to the email address and the phone number registered at the time of the account setting, if one does not have access then one can seek help from the expert by dialing the helpline number or by chatting with the expert, if they will look into the same what can be done in order to get the Yahoo mail account recovery

It is also important to know if one has not accessed the account in the last 12 months, it becomes difficult to recover the account

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